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     Often in life and love one finds themselves explaining the basic tenants or fundamentals of what makes you you all too often. Other times one can find a remarkable perfect match. The latter is the case for us with our new label, Altin Village. Based, like we are, in Leipzig, the label has been going strong for over 10 years. We cannot tell you how nice it feels to work with people that understand the logistics of commerce while always making sure Art is running the show.

    In the spirit of signing with a new label, we have also announced a new album. Shocking, I know. It will be called "Killer Brilliance" and it will come out in September later this year. Joe is putting the final touches on mixes now in the middle of the woods. The future is now.  Here is a link to some announcements that came down the pipe. 

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A World through the eyes of White Wines

     I just wrote a diatribe on a few different topics confronting the world right now and how insignificant so much seems in the face of so much goddamn suffrering. I deleted it because if you are actually reading this that's not what you came to this page for. Maybe you're trying to escape some of those topics. Maybe to find some inspiration to take them on. So, just know it's on my mind and that a lot of my/our actions have the current world's madness as it's undertone. Maybe we can all get through some of this and...I don't know. 

     So...we have a new drummer. Christian "Kirmes" Kuhr. He's insanely talented and incredibly motivated. I can't tell what a pleasure it is to play with 2 guys that really care to give their best to what we are doing together.  We are doing a small tour to start getting our sea legs as a 3piece. If you're in the area, stop by. 

07/10/2015 LuxembourgCity (LU), De Gudde Wellen
08/10/2015 Aachen (DE), Musikbunker
09/10/2015 Breda (NL), Hotel Solo
10.10.2015 Bielefeld (DE), scale

     Beyond that, we have finished our new album and it's in production as we speak. It will be coming out in the new year, though. That's the way the game works. You have give yourself a fair amount of time to let the world know you've done something. So they say. For us we'll be using it to practice our asses off and get ready for a lot of shows in 2016. 

Hope you're doing well. 


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Things...right of July 2015

So in a world endlessly plagued with greed, bloodlust, power, the strong desire to say hopeful...this is the world we live in. In one tiny little place there is a country called Germany and a city called Leipzig. That's where White Wine lives. Frtiz and I have been building a studio over the last 6 months, in addition to writing and recording our next album. Oh yeah, and working. Working to pay for making the album and studio go and also just to eat. No complaints, though. It's been fun. Oh yeah, and then we finally decided to get a drummer. Sure we could continue as a 2 piece, but the things we were writing and recoding simply need someone else. That someone else had to be great, though. And we found him!

Christian "Kirmes" Kühr is one hell of a drummer and one hell of a great person to add to our little world. With him we've once again deconstructed how we are going to be on stage, similar to when I went from playing alone to playing with Fritz. It's a shit-load of work, but good and fun work. 

Soon we will showcasing this new lineup and I can't wait. Playing with a full-time drummer is like going from dancing in rain boots to dancing in beautiful black patent leather shoes that fit perfectly. It's just better!

Next week Fritz and I are going to finish up tracking the last couple of songs. I have seriously NEVER spent this long working on a record. It is simultaneously anxiety-inducing and amazing. By this time next week we will have about 20 songs to choose from. I've never had this problem either. Usually because a release date is set with a label you are late to your own release date on the same day you set it. It's maddening. So, me being me, I usually tried to eat all of the compromise pills and just focus on enough songs for the record, leaving some, if not many, to die on the vine. I'm probably the only one who would ever care about this, but it's nice to try something different and not do that now. And, the listener can tell the difference. 

Ok, now I shut up. Take care.  Thanks for your time.

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Sizarr Support tour

Fritz was the tracking engineer on the new album and these boys were the first to see me as I deliriously got off a plane 1 year ago for the first White Wine tour. It's a true pleasure to hang out with them and play some shows!

08.04. bremen - lagerhaus 
09.04. hamburg - uebel & gefährlich 
10.04. köln - gebäude 9  
11.04. münchen - strom 
12.04. nürnberg - club stereo 
13.04. frankfurt - zoom 
22.04. A- wien -arena    
23.04. A-innsbruck - weekender club 
24.04. A-salzburg - rockhouse 

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to Nov 17

VB/WW iTalo ToUr 2014

11.11 Pordenone , Pnbox (presentato da Bianconiglio)
12.11 Bologna, Lestofante
13.11 Genova, Teatro della Maddalena (presentato da disorder Drama)
14.11 Gorizia, Osteria dell'Alchimista
15.11 Verona, Associazione Culturale Interzona (w/t Black Bananas)



This will be our first shows in Italy. Though we have both played there several times with other bands, we are excited as hell to go there as VB/WW. Why? Because it's ITALY!!

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