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A World through the eyes of White Wines

     I just wrote a diatribe on a few different topics confronting the world right now and how insignificant so much seems in the face of so much goddamn suffrering. I deleted it because if you are actually reading this that's not what you came to this page for. Maybe you're trying to escape some of those topics. Maybe to find some inspiration to take them on. So, just know it's on my mind and that a lot of my/our actions have the current world's madness as it's undertone. Maybe we can all get through some of this and...I don't know. 

     So...we have a new drummer. Christian "Kirmes" Kuhr. He's insanely talented and incredibly motivated. I can't tell what a pleasure it is to play with 2 guys that really care to give their best to what we are doing together.  We are doing a small tour to start getting our sea legs as a 3piece. If you're in the area, stop by. 

07/10/2015 LuxembourgCity (LU), De Gudde Wellen
08/10/2015 Aachen (DE), Musikbunker
09/10/2015 Breda (NL), Hotel Solo
10.10.2015 Bielefeld (DE), scale

     Beyond that, we have finished our new album and it's in production as we speak. It will be coming out in the new year, though. That's the way the game works. You have give yourself a fair amount of time to let the world know you've done something. So they say. For us we'll be using it to practice our asses off and get ready for a lot of shows in 2016. 

Hope you're doing well. 


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