Unreleased Lyrics



What…what…what  is it…what  is it we want?

Testing pleasure with a pulse of light

smashing hammers through a plate-glass mind

We take a walk along the plank-shaped words

Endless ocean was the sound they made,

1 second per second, if you’re standing where I’m standing now

I guess the questions never get undressed

because the answers would just come too quick

We’re feigning chaste in the age of the abyss

We know that we want, but we don’t know what it is 

What…what…what  is it…what  is it we want?

From the present to the heavens we have watched the clocks

1 second per second

but now we’re incidental, incdidental

oh, and yes…a little sentimental

Not lacking passion nor perseverance

The Standard Model helps our appearance

But what we’re chasing is so elusive

Do we really think that we’ll find what the truth is

What…what…what  is it…what  is it we want?


There’s a burden in the works

And a hill too high to climb

And the poison tastes too good

I think I’ll lose my mind

And I’m running from the one thing that made me feel something

Now I don’t know where to go

Oh, look, there’s a little hole

Summer set itself ablaze before we had one single day of

+100 weather

Nevertheless, I guess it’s best and I’m glad I got this off my chest, but…

What would make this better?

See something

Do something

Say Something

Make something

Don’t bring that evil home


I had a feeling

A feeling I never needed or wanted

But this feeling…

This feeling left me feeling haunted

It was a vacant 

Space in the place of arrangements

Secretly made for containment

In pursuit of a truth made new



war-torn drugged-out deep state blues

binary fist fight, cheap-shot pawns

dog whistle, trigger bait, date-rape smile

Fast-fashion, pay-gap, truth on trial

Dead heat, no sleep, the art or mistakes

the bots got hot and took your place…

….but calm down…

Entrance exists on itself

capture facts and make fake truth

make fake hearts to makeshift blue

a needle on the surface of a paper-thin balloon.

The probes in the ocean

the satellites in space

the canary in the coal mine has been dead for such a long time

but they put it in a plastic casket so it never decays

Entrance exists on itself

capture facts and make fake truth

make fake hearts to makeshift blue

a needle on the surface of a paper-thin balloon.

Modern popular insomnia


I built a villa on the small of your back

I dug a tunnel to the nape of your neck

I had dinner with the sinners on your inner thigh

I begged you for more but you could not decide 

Our bodies on beige carpet, staring at white blinds

The tension was the pleasure and the diamond’s tip

Lest I forget to mention your impeccable wit

It’s unbelievable 

This is the time of my life…on beige carpet, with white blinds

Our bodies move back and forth

giddy as we fidget with centrifugal force 

You might think I’m full of shit, that I’m content to just lie here, touch, talk and kiss. But with so much death and destruction, out there, on the outside…but I’m in here with you, and beige carpet and white blinds.

Beige Carpet, White Blinds

I know this is praise in the age of plenty, but fuck that. I’m going out on the grey scale. I wanna die with the gorgeous reward, dying on the bright side, no dystopia woes.

Beige Carpet, White Blinds


We were dancing to the break-beats

While they sat and tapped their flat feet

We were drinking broken water

It was the 31st of December… 2,000…and 4

We danced right through the sunrise

With the help of little white lines

I can’t believe that I remember

‘Cause it feels like forever and a day

But sometimes, sometimes the memories don’t fade away

Tamar, you made a man of me

I left that boy back in 2003

We fell apart and started over

On opposite ends of crying shoulders

We made amends but so much later

And then fate stepped in like a spiritual grifter

In this game we call life

‘Aint that right

No one gets out alive

Tamar, you made a man of me. 

And now I must let it be.


It’s so easy to fall apart when we’re together

It’s so easy to fall apart and to fake it back together

It’s so easy to fall apart when we’re together

It’s so easy to fall apart and to fake it back together

I had a vision in the symptoms

Such a catastrophic thought

It had a name

It had a face

I did my best to keep it away

There’s a dust in which under

From explosions in the heart

there’s a boredom in the order

And a panic when it’s apart

You take my place and I’ll take yours

We tell the truth behind closed doors

Where’s the peace? Because here’s the panic

Peace and Panic


Barcode, emoting on the cloud

Barcode, emoting on the cloud

Existential morass

Existential morass

Ha ha-facade, as an idiom

As we sip our digital lithium

The think tanks and ranks they crave

Dark Matter and the patent trolls

Fake data and bias crimes

Fake breach, misinformation reaped

Screen media and mass tragedy

Buffer statistics, Flesh as chaff 

We are the fastest marionettes

Desperate entities

Punch-drunk on parlor tricks

Inviting every guest that’s a carrot or a stick

Barcode, emoting on the cloud

It’s a digital quid pro quo, don’t you know

Scrubbing data back and forth as a means to eat

Who was what and what was where?

Who knows…Who cares?

Who sees? Who sees?

Who knows, Who cares?

Barcode, emoting on the cloud

Grab that data, it’s falling down

It’s falling down, it’s falling down


Emily, Emily

They called your number, set you free

We used to wonder how it would be…

Not Like This.

Peasant poison, peasant pleasure

The great escape is the greatest treasure

In our immortal words: Fuck this place

play it safe and wait for something

It’s not our will, not our wanting

Because we saw the bright black end.

Emily, Emily

You’re a ghost while I breathe

But we both know that it’s hell to please

We saw the bright black end, but not...

Not like this


Ruthless confusion came through the door

and through the cracks in the floor

before I could even make sense of the reasons,

I saw a picture of you

But that’s it, no more

Just Break Down

The distance I clung to, with some sort of virtue

Somehow concealing the shame

Now it is singing my name

Maybe if I wait it out

I can bury this before they bury you

But it’s just not true

Just not true

Just break down


If you need somewhere you can walk to 

Where everybody from runs from

Underneath your breath, drinking hours by the mouthful

I know…I  know a place for you. 

In the cave of neon lights, everyone’s dancing but the party never started

Paint the place in a comatose

High-tension wires, it’s a double dose

Is it anger or is it angst?

Are we preaching or pulling pranks?

Let the DJ do what she do

Clear the floor of the cigarette room

Everybody’s on.

In the cave of neon lights, everyone’s dancing but the party never started

In the cave of neon lights, there’s oh so much romancing for the lonely, broken-hearted.